Happy Birthday, Joey!

If I had remembered in time, I would have sent a card 😦 Without my computer to remind me I remember nothing. Shall I just get you this? Hope your day is wonderful.

Thank You, Boojums!

It doesn’t take much to make me smile. Just a thoughtful little thing like this: Yep, it’s a lovely congratulatory post card of a Polly Thayer painting from my pals and affixed to the back? A ticket stub from a performance of Good Evening with my idol, Peter Cook and (my almost idol) Dudley Moore….

Moping and Missing Friends

The nor’easter puts the kibosh on plans for the party at Elena’s. I was so looking forward to seeing everybody tonight! I am now going to sulk and watch sad movies… once I finish grading. Bleh.

Halloween, Poe & Pals

I was going to entitle this “John Crowley Owes Me $5″ but I only just met him this week and I’m not sure I can feel comfortable joshing about money with him; of course it does make for a funny story. My adventures for the weekend started with the kick off of the Poe Conference…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and Maith Samhain! I didn’t get cards out this year, so this will have to do. Thanks to The joey Zone for passing along this lovely Levy-Dhurmer illo.

Connecticut Jaunt

Despite the tight schedule I have this month, I decided to take the opportunity to run down to Connecticut and see my pals before I take off for Britain for a month on June 1. I headed out with the sun shining and the windows down while I blasted music through the lovely Berkshires. First…

Jaws of Suspiria

I already wrote a bit about Jaws and my long connection to it, but I don’t think I’ve yet got around to the student reactions. It’s hard to keep track of things in the midst of the mad swirl of the summer intensive. I’ve made things even tighter by planning to run down to Connecticut…