BitchBuzz: The Perfect Hat

You know this was inevitable, right? Three Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect Hat By K. A. Laity If you live in the west of Ireland, you discover quickly why hats are a better idea than brollies; the gales in Galway are powerful! Most blustery days the wreckage of ruined umbrellas becomes a common sight….

The Big Day

I expect there will be very little in the way of communication today — perhaps the occasional burst of annoyance or alarm on Twitter or Facebook, but not much more. It all must be dealt with today. So I’ve got my kick-ass on and I’m ready for disaster-solving. Of course I’m writing this from the…

Much Ado about Ghosts

First things, first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING!! My latest column exploits my theatre madness by making it work (as if seeing a good play were really work, but shhh! mustn’t let people know how much fun we’re having, right?). I ran off to the theatre after a good chat with pal Gordon…

Loopy Tuesday

While still reeling from the news that Russell T’s getting an OBE (wasn’t Saturday’s Davies-penned episode a lot of fun?), which I discovered as I was over at the Forbidden Planet blog reading my pal Pádraig’s interview with the ever-wonderful Alan Moore, I share with you news of Wrong Trousers Day! Mmmmmm — cheese, Gromit!

Who: Are You?

Over at the Guardian blog there’s wild speculation about the next Doctor Who. In their usual style, there’s a breezy, written-on-the-tube-on-the-way-to-the-office starter and then the barrage of comments varying from the rabid fan to the surreal humorist. Well worth a read if only for the catty in-fighting.