BitchBuzz: The Perfect Hat

You know this was inevitable, right?

Three Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect Hat

By K. A. Laity

If you live in the west of Ireland, you discover quickly why hats are a better idea than brollies; the gales in Galway are powerful! Most blustery days the wreckage of ruined umbrellas becomes a common sight. My visitors last weekend discovered this quickly, one of whom used our lazy morning to buy a nice new hat.

The other refused, saying, “I don’t look good in hats.”

I realise I’m a bit prejudiced here, but hats are good. Hats make you look good. People who claim not to look good in hats haven’t tried the right hat. It’s like trying on a bubble skirt then claiming “I just don’t look good in skirts.” Well, no one looks good in a bubble skirt (no, no one) and no one looks good in a baseball cap (which doesn’t really count as a hat because it’s equipment), which is probably the hat most people have tried on.
—or some kind of uniform (shudder).

I know better: as a sufferer of perpetual bad hair days, I am completely in love with hats…

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Good news! I’ve finally begun the overhaul of the website. After a disastrous move that lost most of my connectivity, I have finally just moved the website to a WordPress blog. The URL should point there now (or very soon) and I am slowly reconstructing the info. Tell me what you think of the new design. I kind of miss Kali, but change is good. Lots of tweaking to do, but you know how I am with tedious work, so it may take a little time. And I have a lot of idling around Galway to do!