Happy Birthday, George

Still missing my favourite gardener. Rest with peace in the mysteries, Mr Harrison. Your music will continue to bring joy to many. Bless you, Pirate Bob [and no, not a bit like Cagney].               …and on and on and on! What’s your fave George song?


Avast, scalawags — ye know what day it be!


Sometimes you just need something like this: George singing to you with giant toys — what could be better? We’ve had freezing rain that has delayed my last final and (of course) made it conflict with other things so I won’t see all of my favorite class on the last day of the term. Oh…

Visit George’s Garden

Designed for the Chelsea Flower Show, this garden is a beautiful tribute to everybody’s favorite gardener. Stop by and enjoy a little of the peaceful beauty. I shall daydream about Friar Park. [Coincidentally, this is my 777th post on the blog.]