Happy Birthday, George

george-harrison-1970s_320Still missing my favourite gardener. Rest with peace in the mysteries, Mr Harrison. Your music will continue to bring joy to many. Bless you, Pirate Bob [and no, not a bit like Cagney].







…and on and on and on! What’s your fave George song?


  1. Dave Rice says:

    “She’s a drag, a well known drag. We turn the sound down on her and say rude things.”

    I’ll take Beware of Darkness for 100.

    1. katelaity says:

      Oh, that’s a good song indeed. And I love that scene. I do adore his muttering delivery of “Not a bit like Cagney” in Help! too. He was funny.

  2. Todd Mason says:

    “Think for Yourself” remains a sentimental favorite.

    1. katelaity says:

      That’s a good one, too! They’re all good. I think I left of “Give Me Love” which is definitely one of my very favourites. “If I Needed Someone” was one of my very first answering machine messages.

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