BitchBuzz: How to Pack Like a Pro

Does this count as at least thinking about packing for England? I have got as far as realising I need to do some laundry before packing. Today will be for catching up on all grading. I’ve canceled the play reading for Tuesday: what was I thinking anyway?! It would have been insane. I forgot Monday…


Paperwork for the Fulbright to prepare; details to work out; pictures for the work permit; appointments to schedule; belongings to jettison; prep for the reading of “Lumottu”; revisions of essays to finish; grading grading grading. So, um — here’s something from the Fall!

Relieved (sort of)

Well, grades are in, but as we all know, that isn’t necessarily the end of the story, so I brace myself for those who are unhappy. One student has already complained about a grade before the final grades were entered, so the odds are good that there will end up being some kind of dispute….


More information in about a week, but here’s the cover from a book collection that I’ll be in. My contribution is an essay on Grendel in Beowulf. You can guess the theme, right? I wrote this piece so long ago and the project has had such a tortured history, that I had quite forgotten about…

Ars est celare artem

I meant to get around to talking about Eric Idle’s Road to Mars before now, but I haven’t had the time or idleness, I suppose. I still don’t. But he uses Ovid’s famous observation that the true art is to conceal art (or, I suppose, Crispinus might want me to be more direct and say…