More information in about a week, but here’s the cover from a book collection that I’ll be in. My contribution is an essay on Grendel in Beowulf. You can guess the theme, right?

I wrote this piece so long ago and the project has had such a tortured history, that I had quite forgotten about it (although its ghost still lingered on my CV). Out of the blue an email came from the editor today, saying, “Guess what?!”

Soon you’ll have something to chew on. 😉

One final down, two to go and grading in between: our year end tenure reports are due today, too. Nonetheless, I hope to do the Nick Lowe review this afternoon if I can squeeze it in. Can I say again, what a great show?


  1. The Queen says:

    Looks mighty interesting! Do let us know when it’s available!

  2. Gary Allen says:

    It’s available now… just look for “Human Cuisine” on Amazon.

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