Re-Imagining the Olympics

The 2012 Olympics are over. If you weren’t in the UK you might not have been aware of just how transformative these two weeks were. That I’m even talking about it is evidence enough. Like many of my geek and writer friends I’ve often found myself in the position of fighting against the popular attention…

Madness (i.e. business as usual)

I’m off to Harrogate in the morning; not sure if I will have time to post while I’m there. But as I have a long train ride ahead of me, I do have time to read! Hurrah, the only difficulty will be choosing amongst the many things loaded onto the shiny toy. And not missing…

Pirate Pub

What happens when a joke goes overboard on Twitter? You start a Tumblr page: Pirate Pub Photo July 25, 2011 Feel free to submit your requests to join the crew, including desired job title, or simply arrrrsk me a question about our floating pub. Be sure to add your suggestions for the world-wide pub crawl….

Madness & Montemartini

I am madly flailing today, so here’s someone else’s video at the Montemartini museum, which gives a nice sense of the unique place. I promise to get my pictures, video and adventures up soon!

Insanely Busy

So, here’s some music to entertain you: BB column coming soon!

Where are my Minions?

After a week of being ill and getting next to nothing done, I am feeling the pinch. So much email has piled up in my inbox that I feel quite harried and I’ve taken the extraordinary measure of not giving my students any homework this week so far (awful, I know). It is days like…