Madness (i.e. business as usual)

I’m off to Harrogate in the morning; not sure if I will have time to post while I’m there. But as I have a long train ride ahead of me, I do have time to read! Hurrah, the only difficulty will be choosing amongst the many things loaded onto the shiny toy. And not missing my changes: I have to change at York to a local. I’m looking forward to the fest I’ve heard so much about. It doesn’t quite make up for missing Camp Necon, but life is change. I will raise a glass to legend Beth Massie from England!

Bits and bobs:

My interview with Andrez Bergen over at A Knife & A Quill. Nice to find someone else with such a delightfully off-kilter imagination.

Here’s a good piece by Kristen Lamb about why the Big Six seem to be flailing in the digital age (fear, whodathunkit?).

Owl Stretching inching closer to publication; gathering stories for Weird Noir and the cover artist is busy working, too — hoping for an unveil of that soon. Lots of new things coming from Fox Spirit Books: Tales of the Nun and Dragon coming soon!

A good review of Drunk on the Moon.

Joe Lansdale writes about how he got an unexpected kick in the pants as a young writer.

The Cundeez celebrate a local hero with bagpipes and kilts.

Sigur Rós invites you to make a video for their new album.

Here’s a reminder all creative people need on occasion:


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      Aw, you’re kind.

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      Glad to have you stop by, monsieur.

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