Finns in Edinburgh: St Giles

Laura and I wandered in to see the Thistle Chapel at St Giles and managed to catch one of the tours. Chivalry at its most ceremonial. And I couldn’t resist a chuckle at the Albany Aisle. Silence please!

Finns in Edinburgh: Canongate Kirk

Of course I was mostly interested in the cemetery — me and the magpies! The poet Robert Fergusson is buried there. While Laura and Risto looked around the church, I wandered among the gravestones. Lots of history here.

LonCon & ShamroKon Pictures

I thought before I head off on another trip I ought to share some photos from LonCon and Shamrokon and short of time, I have put them in public albums on Facebook, so take a look if you’re of a mind to do so. I will probably get around to descriptions and tagging at some…

Powerscourt and Glendalough

Lovely day out with Debi in the fantastically opulent gardens of the Powerscourt Estate and then the remnants of the monastery in Glendalough. A bunch of my own peculliar style photographs can be found in a public Facebook album (it’s just easier than uploading them all here). It’s just sinking in that I will not…

Dundee Stones

Next week at this time I will be at Loncon3 talking about Tove Jansson and her Moomins. And I will be missing Dundee 😦 It’s going to be strange returning to teaching in NY.

Switzerland: Gruyères, Giger & Fondue

Argh, as I prepare this post I hear the news that H.R. Giger has died. How very sad! The lovely anomaly of this medieval town high in the mountains is that it is also home to the museum & museum bar of Giger. I couldn’t take photos in the museum, but it was quite a…

Switzerland: To Lausanne

              I’ll have to do a proper write up of Lear, which was wonderful of course. Anon!