marque-3Thanks to Peg Aloi, I’m going to be appearing with her (and possibly some other folks) on a panel tonight after the documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry on 2nd wave feminism of the 60s & 70s. Join us for a lively discussion. See The Linda’s site for more info.

Broad Universe Wikipedia Project

Hey kids! Want to help raise the visibility of women writers of the fantastic? With trumpet’s blare, let me unveil:

broadspectrumA Broad Universe Project for Women’s History Month: Women Authors on Wikipedia!

Women artists made a concerted effort recently to get more of them written into history.  More people turn to Wikipedia than to any other source. Women are still largely missing unless they are the few really big names in history. Here’s Mary Shelley’s page. It’s fairly comprehensive, but there aren’t enough 20th C women with the same detail. Comprehensive is great, but every little bit helps.

Only 2% of the users edit Wikipedia. A huge percentage of them are male. And as time goes on fewer people are doing any editing, so diversity is bound to be an issue.

This is a great way for members who want to be more active in promoting ALL women around the world who write, especially those who write speculative fiction and to give them the recognition they deserve.

Interested in making a difference?

Here’s a video on the basics of editing Wikipedia I use this in my classes. That also links to lots more detailed videos. Here’s Wikipedia’s own page (which might show why so few people decide to edit the source).

But, don’t stop there!  Share with us what you’ve done on our email list and on Facebook! Report back with “I added biographical to details to X” or “I linked to an academic study of Y” and show others how easy it is to do. Not a member of Broad Universe (why not?!) just share your links here.

I will collect these links here and show us how much we’ve accomplished during the month.


(I had to say it).