Sunday Sun

These are actually from last week as it’s a bit dreich today. I am planning to catch up on things — many sights to show you from the last few months —  but it’s been a bit hectic yet this month. But real summer soon (okay, maybe not the weather — I’m okay with dreich)….

Idle in London

I mooched along to the British Museum on my last afternoon in the city because I had gifts to buy and thought I’d pop in. There’s no more ‘popping in’ to the museum apparently, but queuing for a long security check instead. Hope it’s just a temporary thing. Afterward the torrential downpour had slowed to…


The haul included three ‘hag’ or ‘witch’ stones, a couple pottery shards and an egg stone.

50 Word Fiction: The Clown

THE CLOWN K. A. Laity It was the clown. The party had been lively enough before her arrival. She promised fun on her website, that balloon-littered vomit of Pantone tones with too many gurning gifs. But the children were weeping now and several demanded to go home. Unmitigated disaster. Not everyone could tell jokes, eh?…