NYC with the QoE

Spring break has mostly been work but I did manage to make another escape to spend the day with the fabulous Stephanie down in the city. Just before another collaboration escapes on Monday, Respectable Horror, which I edited and she supplied the wonderful cover art featuring cover model Poppy. She’s not just skin and bones either!

More photos in a FB album — they’d take up too much of my storage space here — but here’s a few highlights which included stops at the NYPL, Society of Illustrators and the Met as well as fine Belgian and Thai food. Click to embiggen any of the images.

Live at the Library

I’ll be joining a bunch of local authors including my fellow Mavens of Mayhem AKA the Upper Hudson chapter of Sisters in Crime for a gathering at the East Greenbush Library. We’ll have books to sign and sell and plenty of time to chat.

Join us 3-4pm at the East Greenbush Community Library!

I will have copies of HOW TO BE DULL with me as well as whatever else I have around here…


Tonight: Nassau Free Library 6pm

Cover art by S. L. Johnson

Now that the snow’s done for a while why not consider hopping on over to the Nassau Free Library (just east of Albany) for a fun event with me and my fellow Sister in Crime & Maven of Mayhem, Frankie Y. Bailey. We’ll be chatting with lovely librarian Katherine Chansky and have some books available.

Be there 6pm for all the fun!

Upcoming Appearances

Cover art by S. L. Johnson° Meet the Authors: Frankie Bailey and K.A. Laity

Nassau Free Library
January 26, 2015 @ 6:00 pm Rescheduling due to snow

Professor Frankie Bailey (UAlbany) and Professor K. A. Laity (College of St. Rose) will be visiting the library to talk about their published mystery books and will introduce Mavens of Mayhem, the local chapter of Sisters in Crime, founded by author Sara Paretsky. Learn more about how mystery writers compose the intriguing tales we love to read.

° Mavens of Mayhem at East Greenbush Library
Saturday Jan 31, 2015 from 12-3pm (click pictures to embiggen).

MofM Sisters in Crime Flyer 2015 p1 MofM Sisters in Crime Flyer 2015 p2


Have you always dreamed of writing, but didn’t think you had the time?
Sat Feb 7: 10am-1pm
Universal Pathways, Berne NY
Cost: $50 (Paypal)

Register here. Enrollment limited!

How to Keep Writing

Out Now: Hard Boiled Witch 3

Just in time for your Lughnasadh gift buying spree (hey, I can dream), it’s book three in the Hecate Sidlaw series Hard Boiled Witch. Book three Charms O’erthrown mashes up a little of The Maltese Falcon with Shakespeare’s Tempest and a whole lot of trouble for Hecate and her familiar Henry, the giant ginger cat with just one eye. There’s a bunch of thieves, a missing ancient artifact and some screaming butterflies (you’re going to have to read it to find out why they’re screaming).

There’s also a new character, the stylish and knowledgeable Jhonnie “Mo” Stevenson, research librarian. A snappy dresser with a few secrets up the sleeves of a very smart ensemble. Hecate needs all the friends she can get in this town!

And as you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, for one more day, book two Toil & Trouble is FREE. Not that any of them are going to break the bank: just 99¢ or 75p — you can’t beat that with a stick (if that’s your idea of fun).

Click on the covers to see more or to collect them all!

TOA/V: Photography in Dundee

2014-01-08 16.07.09 2014-01-08 14.49.06

There are a couple of good photographic exhibits on right now in Dundee. At the Central Library there’s a great display of photographs of archival material from the building of the original Tay Bridge and then the terrible disaster that occured in 1879 (as immortalised by the bard McGonagall, AKA the worst poet in the world). It’s so sad to read the long lists of those lost, but there’s something especially poignant about the list of lost items retrieved on the shores.

2014-01-08 14.53.37 2014-01-08 14.56.46

At the McManus Galleries they’ve got “A Silvered Light”: curated by Susan Keratcher, the photos have been selected from the Dundee City permanent collection and offer a pictorial history of the city and much more, as native photographers wandered around the world and brought back their treasures captured by the lens. The juxtaposition of time periods, styles and artists’ visions brings out unexpected vision. See the feature on Art in Scotland TV. Also worth a visit is the companion display, “Re:New” which highlights some of the treasures from the permanent collection of modern art. A few were familiar but there was a lot I’d not seen before.

2014-01-08 15.04.13 2014-01-08 15.04.25

There’s always so much to see in Dundee, from the Howff to the memorials for Grissel Jaffray, the last woman executed as a witch in the town (and the subject of the very enjoyable Claire-Marie Watson novel The Curewife). I had been meaning for the longest time to snap a picture of the memorial and the mosaic that leads down the passage off the Murraygate.

PCB The Boys

Of course my favourite photographs have very little to do with art, but the subjects are always a delight even if we’re just hanging around the bus stop on the way to granddad’s on a Sunday.

See the Tuesday round up of overlooked audio and visual gems at Todd’s blog.