Crime Fiction in Gdańsk

Here’s where I’ll be the rest of the week. I will endeavour to share pictures and stories as I can, WiFi allowing. I am looking forward to hanging with Mr B and a bunch of new folks, too, and talking about Dorothy Hughes.

As I type this up I got the word that Graham Joyce has died and I’m gutted. His books are magic, but he was a terrific guy and always very kind to me (even though I wrote about his work which tends to make writers nervous). One of my best panels ever was the fairytale panel we did together at Alt-Fiction. I went to his website to get a link for this piece and saw one of his last tweets is in praise of Iain Banks at his passing. The outpouring of sorrow shows how many people he touched. He will be missed so very much.

As Pete and Dud would say, in the midst of life we are in debt. I am forever in Graham’s debt. I hope I write books worthy of what I owe.

LonCon & ShamroKon Pictures

2014-08-14 08.31.48

I thought before I head off on another trip I ought to share some photos from LonCon and Shamrokon and short of time, I have put them in public albums on Facebook, so take a look if you’re of a mind to do so. I will probably get around to descriptions and tagging at some point or else will find some minions to do it for me as I realise I just cannot keep up with everything lately. Volunteers?

And vote: HELSINKI in 2017!

I’m off to finish a Powerpoint presentation.

Getting Medieval


In case you missed it on Facebook or Kit’s page –

Originally posted on Kit Marlowe:

I just inked the contract with Tirgearr Publishing for the first of a proposed series of medieval adventure novels based on the Lais of Marie de France. KNIGHT OF THE WHITE HART is a re-imagining of ‘Guigemar’. Naturally I’ve given it a few twists of my own and turned a short story into a whole novel. Here’s the blurb:

Guigemar is a Breton knight who fights alongside King Arthur but has always scorned love. Returning home he goes hunting with a friend but accidentally shoots a white deer. The arrow bounces back to wound him, too. The doe curses him to suffer from the wound until he meets a woman who will love him truly — and suffer for that love like no one ever has. He rides away, driven mad with pain until he stumbles to the shore where a stunning ship sails him away, despite lacking…

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Chastity Flame: New Print Editions!

chas print 1

Just when you thought Chastity Flame couldn’t get any more gorgeous — well, she does! Look at the shiny new print editions from Tirgearr with those ginchy wrap around covers by the ever fabulous S. L. Johnson AKA The Queen of Everything. So if you’ve been holding out on the ebook revolution (why? oh why?) now you can get Chas’ first three adventures in lovely old-fashioned print.

Will there be more adventures from the sexy secret agent? Ask Lady Fleming ;-)

“Step aside, 007, and make room for Chastity Flame. Ms. Flame outwits, out-spies and definitely out-sexes James Bond in this rollicking, witty and exceptionally well-written erotic spy thriller. If you’re a fan of British media, look for the in-jokes. If you’re not, there’s more than enough humor, action and hot sex to satisfy any lover of romantic suspense!” ~ Dana Fredsti

“I was very pleased to find that book two in the Chastity Flame series was to be released. I really enjoyed book one, the humour and its uniqueness . . . Lush Situation is no exception to this rule. Chastity is on another adventure, this time investigating human trafficking and prostitution, which brings her to a newly opened club in London. It has the author’s signature humour, skilful writing and intriguing plot. More please, Ms. Laity! ~ Lucy Felthouse

“Londoners (and the world) beware! How can you not be drawn into the fire by a beautiful but lethal dame by the name of Chastity Flame? K.A. Laity has been proving for quite some time now that her noir prose ranks right up there with the likes of Meg Abbott, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Sara Paretsky. A Cut-Throat Business only further solidifies her standing as a contemporary master of the genre.” ~ Vincent Zandri, bestselling author of The Innocent, Moonlight Rises, and The Remains

Buy them here for $8.99 (sale price! regular price will be $9.99), but remember — they’re not for the faint of heart! Scorching hot sizzle ( and some very dark adventures especially in book three.

Retailers: order through Ingrams.

chas print 2

A New York State of Mind

2014-08-28 09.26.40

I’m busy painting today so I will make this quick: I’ve put up a public album on Facebook of the house in progress. So much greenery has popped up this summer it looks lush. Yes, a lot of it is weeds, but pretty weeds. The semester started with a bang and an almost 12 hour day as I have a grad class on Monday nights. Trying to acclimate and get back to work, but it’s a challenge. There’s so much to do; at least I’ll be busy. But I miss Dundee and the ones I love there…

I’ll try to write up my con experiences before I forget them.

Con-Eire FREE!

Con-Eire_covIn honour of Shamrokon and LonCon3, my short play Con-Eire from today through Monday will be completely FREE! It’s appropriate for this season as it’s a love letter to the hard-working folks behind the scenes putting the madness all together:

It’s three days before the start of Con-Eire, the best Irish-themed science fiction and fantasy con in the tri-state area, when a phone call sets the entire Convention Committee into panic mode. Is Big Name Writer going to pull out at the last minute? What does Very Famous Artist have to do with that decision? And what do the fairies have to say about all this? Follow the hilarious mishaps as the committee members work desperately to salvage months of planning and hard work, all of which are about to be undone by a well-known prima donna.

This half-hour radio play for voices features a cast of six and little in the way of props and sound effects, making it suitable for impromptu or amateur performances.

Don’t just listen to me: it has a bunch of great reviews, too. Here’s a snippet of a five star review from someone I don’t even know:

Before I was 4 pages in, I was laughing out loud, and before I was done, I thinking, “I know some of these people…don’t I?” Great fun! Read it!

Powerscourt and Glendalough

2014-08-21 10.53.01

The Beckett Bridge and a reflected light, so it looks like Patrick McGoohan is being pursued down the Liffey by that big bubble…

Lovely day out with Debi in the fantastically opulent gardens of the Powerscourt Estate and then the remnants of the monastery in Glendalough. A bunch of my own peculliar style photographs can be found in a public Facebook album (it’s just easier than uploading them all here).

It’s just sinking in that I will not be going home to Dundee after this con, but instead to NY so I am feeling a bereft. Maybe it’s just as well that I don’t have a lot to do at Shamrokon. And even less as my publisher’s pup is unwell so we can’t meet for dinner tonight, alas. Hope she gets better!