Reviewed: Drag Noir

Starburst Magazine has a quite nice review of Drag Noir up that highlights the good work Fox Spirit is doing and gives specific kudos to some of the fantastic stories in this collection:

One of the nice things about the small press is that you tend to find more original and clever ideas amongst them, especially when it comes to anthologies. Fox Spirit Books tend to specialise in seeking out new talent and coming up with bright new themes. Drag Noir blends two things that work so well together it now seems obvious. The grim, gritty and hyper-sexualised noir genre and the glorious world of drag. Both share similar histories, and it’s easy to imagine a top hat and tails wearing Gladys Bentley rubbing shoulders with the characters from The Postman Always Rings Twice…

Read the entire review here.

Chuffed to say the least! And here’s Gladys to sing for us, because we know what we like.

Upcoming Appearances

Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlow  - 500Two events this week:

Wed 25 Feb: Dellani’s Tea Time 16:00-18:00 EST

I’ll be joining the Tirgearr Publishing crew for a round of quick interviews, readings and chat. I’ll be appearing in disguise as Kit Marlowe and talking about Knight of the White Hart. I’m scheduled to be on about 17:30 but you know how live shows can go, so listen in early and catch all the fun. If you sign in to Blog Talk Radio, there’s also a chat room so you can post comments & questions.

Sun 1 Mar: HVWG @ Albany Public Library 1400 EST

The Hudson Valley Writers Guild will sponsor a reading by three local authors on Sunday, March 1, at the Albany Public Library Washington Avenue Branch, 161 Washington Ave., from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  The authors who will read from their recent work are Elizabeth Gordon, K.A. Laity and Keith Willis.  The reading is part of a continuing series titled “Community of Writers.”  The reading is free and open to the public.

As things have become a bit busy lately, I’ve added a widget on the right with upcoming events. Now even I can keep track of things — I hope! Here are the next few:

1-4 Apr: PCA National Conference, New Orleans
10 Apr: Speculative Fiction Cantina 1800 EST
11 Apr: Schenectady Historical Society 1400 EST

How to Fold An Aardvark

Few problems disrupt modern life more than what to do with your aardvark when you are short of space. Folding your aardvark will not only help you master a valuable skill but also create more room for your pencils, ottomans and toadstools.

  1. Grasp your aardvark by the collar. If it does not have a collar, see if it has a cravat.
  2.  Locate the central area of the beast by poking it gently in the nether regions.
  3. Draw a dotted line to give yourself a visual reference for the folding motion.
  4. Warm up your arm for the folding action by hoisting a few glasses of gin, but not more than three.
  5. Gently take hold of the opposite end of the aardvark.
  6. Fold the opposite end toward the collar/cravat end.
  7. Repeat as needed and then file the folded aardvark under the appropriate letter or in some out of the way crevice.

TIP: Beware: they are often ticklish about the neck.

WARNING: Do not submerge the aardvark.

Tonight: Nassau Free Library 6pm

Cover art by S. L. Johnson

Now that the snow’s done for a while why not consider hopping on over to the Nassau Free Library (just east of Albany) for a fun event with me and my fellow Sister in Crime & Maven of Mayhem, Frankie Y. Bailey. We’ll be chatting with lovely librarian Katherine Chansky and have some books available.

Be there 6pm for all the fun!

Snowbound Silence


Some pictures and thoughts from being snowbound at Brigadoon.

Originally posted on Universal Pathways:

2015-02-02 08.35.20You realise the profound power of silence when you’re snowed in for a couple days in the Helderbergs. When the thick blanket of white descends, you’re not going anywhere.

2015-02-02 08.36.54The Buddha became our quick measure of how much snow had fallen. The flakes began late in the night Sunday and continued through the day on Monday and on into Tuesday.

2015-02-03 07.25.00There was a lot of snow. So we weren’t going anywhere for a while. Sunday we laughed and talked, wondering if we’d have to part in the morning after all because the predicted snow had not materialised. But then we got up in the morning to a marshmallow world.

2015-02-02 08.38.30The quiet is quite remarkable. Mary, Amy and I spent the better part of the day reading together on the porch while the fire crackled, consuming endless cups of tea (well, maybe that was mostly me). About midday a couple of…

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SA4QE 2015

SA4QE2015Happy birthday to Russell Hoban, wherever he may be in the luminiferous ether. So we remember him every year: and odd writer with unusually attached fans. Such loyalty is not easily won. I recommend his books to you. You’ll find a few to treasure. If you want to understand what the Slickman A4 Quote Event is, read the link. And you can imagine why I shared this quote from Turtle Diary or you can take my word for it that it’s true (and could be my biography).

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.27.43 PM

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New Story: Confabulation

NWF last issue

My tonttu-inspired story “Confabulation” was featured in the last issue of New World Finn. Every issue of the journal has been full of stories and music and a celebration of Finnish and Finnish-American life. I am sad to see this publication end, but nothing lasts for ever, alas. Publisher Gerry Henkel was one of the first ardent supporters of my stories, publishing a number of the tales that ended up in Unikirja. That book is out of print, but soon will reappear as Dream Book from Fox Spirit,  with a swank new cover by S. L Johnson and a couple new stories including “Confabulation” too. I’m glad I had a chance for a final farewell with NWF and Gerry.


Gerry also made my very first kantele, Louhi, so I have even more reasons to be grateful to him. I reconnected with a part of my past that I’d left behind when I left Michigan. Since then I have also connected with my cousins in Finland, a great source of joy. And does it get more joyful than music? Not only did I have fun playing my kanteles (yes, I have a few though not yet the red 15-string electric I want), but I was part of a group for a while, Louhi’s Daughters, and have expanded my musical fun with all the drumming and percussion that I love so much. But it never would have happened without Gerry.

Sisu and kiitos paljon, Gerry.

Louhi, my 10 string kantele made by Gerry Henkel