Boojum Bound

We’re running away to join the circus! Well, The joey Zone’s circus birthday party, that is. Whoo hooo! This will be fun. After the stress of the last few days, it will be welcome fun to see everyone.

As verse 621 of the Tirukural reminds us, “Laugh when troubles come your way. Nothing conquers calamity better than that.” Of course, if you want laughs you can always check out Elena’s Goth Scout strip. Collect your merit badges and amaze your friends! Always fun — and with luck, we’ll see Elena and Rod today along with all the other of our gaggle of pals in Connecticut (yes, Miss Wendy, I’m bringing my checkbook!)

Funny hats, check! Sense of humor, check! Gifts for Joey, check! Not quite awake yet, but soon we’ll be on our way to the dark carnival.

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  1. K. A. Laity says:

    How much more can the stars align? We’re heading off to celebrate with the Boojums, and last night I finished writing a review of Bryan Talbot’s Alice in Sunderland for my pal Phil, who tells me he and Anya are off to the Jabberwock B&B in Monterey. When it rains coincidences, it pours. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket using a number sequence from Dodgson’s mathematical works.

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