What was I thinking?

You know, the last time I got moules frites, I got very very sick. So you’d think I’d avoid them, but no — they just sounded so good. Well, they went down well, along with some Leffe Brune. They came back up less well a few hours later. Ugh. Plus, knowing somehow with their finely attuned student sense that I had written complimentarily about them, the students decided to indulge in some freestylin’ in the hallway about 1am. Not appreciated by me, nor I suppose, most of the people up and down the hallway. They were properly contrite this morning but that will mean nothing if it happens again. With luck, it won’t.

It’s raining again today — of course, it’s a holiday in Britain. That’s the kind of luck that meant, too, that when I got to Liverpool Street to take the train up to see friends, that I found all the trains delayed indefinitely because of something on the tracks. It was irritating to me, putting my plans out, but I felt sorry for the people on their way to Stansted to catch a plane. I just Googled and found it is “overhead wire problems.” Well, there you go.

Tomorrow’s another day, as Scarlett would say. With luck there will be less rain, as we’re off to the Globe which goes on rain or shine, just like the old days. Let’s hope for more shine than rain. But I’m wearing a hat just in case…


  1. Hey, a rainy day in England beats a sunny day here at my stinkin’ job.Hope you’re having a good time. Wish I was there…

  2. The Queen says:

    Perhaps the ‘something’ the train tracks was one of the twee Hobbits that someone pushed….I know I would have.Mwahahahaha!QoE

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