Cheryl & the Corpse Flower

No, it’s not the latest off-Broadway musical (yet: hmmmmm…), but the latest photo of Perilous Cheryl (AKA Cranky Yanky) at the side of the titan arum at ECSU. Drop by the New England Anomaly’s blog for more info and links to other pictures. It will be flowering soon and smelling like a corpse.

I still think it looks like a giant bok choy!

UPDATE: the flower has bloomed (8/31/07)! Go see the latest pix at the NE Anomaly.


  1. Bok choy?MMmmmm….I think I want a salad…

  2. Chuckie58 says:

    That IS a catchy title. How come you don’t come up with a catchy title for ME? Hmmmmmm?

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    I try, I try!How about “Kelsey Morning”? What? What?!

  4. I saw one of those guys in person at UC Davis a few months ago. It wasn’t quite in full bloom, but it still stank like dead fish. Neat!

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