LonCon & ShamroKon Pictures

I thought before I head off on another trip I ought to share some photos from LonCon and Shamrokon and short of time, I have put them in public albums on Facebook, so take a look if you’re of a mind to do so. I will probably get around to descriptions and tagging at some…

Powerscourt and Glendalough

Lovely day out with Debi in the fantastically opulent gardens of the Powerscourt Estate and then the remnants of the monastery in Glendalough. A bunch of my own peculliar style photographs can be found in a public Facebook album (it’s just easier than uploading them all here). It’s just sinking in that I will not…

Holidays in Dundee

It’s the darkest portion of the year, so most of us find ways to surround ourselves with light and sparkle and family and fun. We did our best and there has been much laughter, silliness and a lot of good food. My sweetie made a fabulous Christmas dinner, we had crackers, prezzies and a whole…

Orkney: Skara Brae

I didn’t get a picture of the seal who was bobbing up and down in the waves, but it was a sunny blustery day and I found Skara Brae very inspiring as well as fascinating. We had a lovely day there, including lunch in the café (mmmm, salmon). I was less interested in the manor…

Orkney: Maeshowe & John Rae

More on John Rae Maeshowe Official Site Be sure to drop by A Knife & A Quill to read my Allan’s latest review

Caird Park

Just a ten minute walk from our city street, abundant nature and history:

My Gypsy Ways: Hudson

I have a new publication (yes, another — don’t look at me like that!) “Guide Me Soft” — a piece of flash fiction over at Shotgun Honey, a terrific site and I’m really pleased to be featured there. Some nice comments have really made my day. Most writing goes off into a vacuum. Sometimes you…

Profiled at Eden Baylee’s Blog & News

I am profiled over at Eden Baylee’s blog today. Drop by and say hello to find out what lurks inside my mind lately. I suppose it’s the usual sort of thing, but Eden has some interesting questions that I have not had in an interview before, so maybe you will learn a few new things…

Dundee Law

It’s not legal 😉 but the plug of a volcano which provides a wonderful landmark from which to enjoy the city. Settling in and having fun: saw the Cundeez on Friday night! Lots of writing to do, too: the days are just packed. See more pictures here.

On Tour with the QoE & Marko

Next week, I’ll be back to regular posting, but for now, here’s a nice picture of my guests. We’ll see how many photos they let me post 🙂 probably better when they get over the jet lag. Yes, a picture at Spanish Arch is required of everyone who sets foot in Galway. Tick that box!