On the Road


In anticipation of my travels, here’s a raven from the Tower of London, snapped by Richard Seaman, the Flying Kiwi.

NEWSFLASH! Gene-Gene the book reviewing machine has an essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, but you have to have a subscription to get past the wall.

I’m packing (well, obviously I’m typing, but you know what I mean) and getting ready to go this afternoon. Let’s hope the weather holds — it’s clouding up at present, but scattered storms shouldn’t pose a problem.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite spots with the students and, of course, seeing friends while I’m back in London (yes, yes, I’m sure I’ll also be visiting friends like Skoob and Quinto, too, not to mention the various Oxfam Bookshops…).

Not sure how much I’ll be able to post while traveling, but I may be able to sneak in a little writing now and then at the British Library.

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  1. Elena Steier says:

    Have a great trip!Gene’s article was fabulous!

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