Sending off edits to my story “Fluorescence” which will appear in the Harrow next month. As always, awkward phrases seem to abound, but it’s best to avoid giving the editor the impression that you’re writing a completely different story when you make editing suggestions. I’m such a bad copy editor. Detail work is not my strong point.

I keep waking up around four which leaves me a bit sleepy, oddly enough. Doesn’t help that Kipper has found his unibrow nemesis. They yowl and spit at each other through the window by the fire escape. Consequently, I’m sleep-walking through the days. At least it keeps me from thinking about how much more there is to move…


  1. The Harrow has the coolest logo eveh!

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Don’t they just? I swear I don’t choose mags by their design sense, but it certainly helps (although this story is so ancient it’s got a long grey beard and I’m not sure I want to see it).

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