Found in the Supermarket

I was reminded by Marko playing the Clash’s “Lost in the Supermarket” (you’re listening to WECS right now, aren’t you?) that I discovered this morning that the Price Chopper over on Central has — in addition to a large Indian section, yum! — a small section dedicated to British foods, so I have somewhere to get Hob Nobs (although, as usual only Milk Chocolate and not Plain — when will they learn?!) so I don’t have to go without all of my London delights.

“Good morning, it’s the news, and all of it is good…”

How will the aerie be ready for a party tomorrow? It’s a mystery. As is the process by which Ray Davies got to be 64 this past week — oh well, let’s hear him sing the best song of all time about London.


  1. Brad Brooks says:

    I’ll swap you plain hobnobs for Milk Duds. And Cadburys Whole Nut for Froot Loops!

  2. CarolynLBoyd says:

    You’re making me think of Pims — is that the name of those British cookies with a little bit of orange jam in them? Oh yum! And we can even get them in our New England supermarket now!And I really, really miss the Clash. I was in my 20s when they were most popular and, besides, Patti Smith, they were the soundtrack of my life back then.

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    Brad, I’m packing up the Duds and duds now — is your couch free? I can be in London in a matter of hours (anything to escape un/packing).Carolyn, yep, yep — and what about Jaffa Cakes!! Albany has been short on the specialty foods (well, except Italian). When I lived in Boston, it was all very easy to find.The Clash will live for ever! Have you checked out Carbon Silicon? Not the Clash, of course, but the old guy still has the chops. When, oh when will the Joe Strummer doco come out over here? Oh, I guess you can buy the dvd.

  4. CarolynLBoyd says:

    Now that you mention the name, I think Jaffa Cakes is what I had when I was over in Britain about a million years ago, and I mistook the Pims for them when I got here. Now I have to look for Jaffa Cakes!I haven’t heard Carbon Silicon – I don’t keep up much anymore, though I hope to see Patti Smith this summer for the first time in 25 or more years. WooHoo!

  5. Todd Mason says:

    As one who finished high school in Hawaii (same one as the probable next president, he is three years older than I, and I transferred in from New Hampshire for my sophomore year, so I never met Barry) and started college, I (money-)helped put on the First Pacific Nu Musik Festival (1984) but was too depressed to attend…and then moved on to the DC area in time for the HarDCore explosion, the bluegrass into new acoustic music efflorescence, the brief national exposure of go-go, and the edge of the loft jazz reintegration…and was usually too broke or too busy to be at more than the fringes of any of that, even when my first series womanfriend became a punk concert-assembler, with what small help I could offer.But I do know that “You Really Got Me” was the song that could be said to have sparked heavy metal, “All Day and All of the Night” being the one that went further to include Caribbean influence.I’m glad the Wegman’s here carries British Heinz Beans…just not as sweet as almost every US brand is. (But as a citizen of the Greatest Nation on Earth, I’d have to mail-order for B&M Brown Bread from New England, and I gather from the sample I had sent to my parents, that they’re making it oilier than they used to. Truly, the center cannot hold.)TM, who should be repacking

  6. Todd Mason says:

    First series? Interesting slip.

  7. K. A. Laity says:

    Todd, burn everything, move nothing — it’s the only way. I regret nothing but the lack of ashes. I swear every time I turn my back the crap in the house doubles in size. Burn it, burn it all.Series, serious — so close. Well, I can’t trust my fingers’ typing, so why should you? In our accidents we find our truths.The old DC DIY scene. So brief so intense. Once it’s become mythologized, it never seems real. It’s all crazy — the Frog Brigade was a short lived arts sensation in the late 90s/early naughties Connecticut, but who will remember? It doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. It might as well not exist — but I was there…

  8. Sort of like Willimantic and the DIY scene there in the early 90s…Populous Pudding anyone?I miss those days…

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