Not a bit like The Shining

No, no, not at all — sure, I’ll be spending a week in the “Snowshoe Capital of the World” in a rambling country farmhouse, writing and confusing the cat, Hamilton. There’s no reason to connect this to the tragic events in the Overlook. It’s going to be a scream — of laughter! And there’s nothing wrong with my plan to take along a bunch of scary movies to watch alone in the dark as the house creaks around me… Hey, when did they get a topiary garden?

Here’s why I get to do this: our pals Crispinus and his long-suffering uxor, Krista, have whisked off their 13 year old daughter Kaitlin for a surprise birthday trip to Disneyland (Happy Birthday!). This was a surprise that they’ve been planning for months; she didn’t know until they put the boarding pass in her hands, pretending they were just there to see off a friend. Don’t you wish you had parents that cool?

I’m just finishing my tea before I pack up my things and get on the road. I look forward to concentrating on writing, but also relaxing (yes, really). Besides, I won’t be as isolated as the Torrances, because there’s internet access — yes, I may even post here if I have something to say other than “Ahhh.”


  1. Have you seen any of Spaced? Great joke about those creepy little girls in the first episode. Also, as far as haunted house movies go, did you see The Orphanage? I saw it last week and had to sleep with the lights on. However, it’s also very depressing, so view cautiously.

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    I love Spaced! I’m so glad it’s finally catching on over here (well, releasing it here helps).I didn’t see the Orphanage. It was all too briefly on show in Albany and I didn’t manage to catch it. Soon!

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