BitchBuzz: Making Small Talk

The light begins its return today: a relief. It was beginning to seem like the sun had gone down before I’d properly gotten up. Then again, that could be due to my lazy schedule. I am getting some good relaxing in 🙂 and a bit of writing, too, as well as watching Allan battle angry…

I Have the Most Amazing Friends

Well, you knew that, right? But they continually amaze me anew; I was flabbergasted today with this incredible treat. Thank you, Niamh! I am still speechless. Can you believe it? This cake shows the fae folk of Ireland welcoming me to a little cottage in Galway by the bay. And the pièce de résistance? Chocolate…

With my Brothers

Buck, the most good-natured dog in the world, supervises the process, while Robert makes the dough, Steve explains why rutabagas are always a bad idea and then the final product appears: mmmm, fresh pasties straight from the oven — yum!

The Relax and How to Get It

Squeak shows us how it’s done: just kick back and let your troubles find their own way home. We’ve had a hard weekend of watching movies, eating, drinking and talking. Today we’re off to the Biltmore; should be interesting. Now, everybody canteloupe dance!

Into the West

There will be a wrap up of my trip to PCA and the visit to my folks in New Mexico soon. In the meantime, enjoy the quiet.


So, my day started by waking up to this disturbing sight: because I had stayed at Jenise’s after celebrating her birthday with Cary Grant movies and some wine — and then a little Hennessey. Yum! Of course it was more relaxing to know I didn’t have to drive home that night and her guest room…

Girls’ Night Out

Friday night I went out with pals Jenise and Angela. Our first stop was the oh so sophisticated Wine Bar on Lark, but then Angela thought we should go play pool at the Hollywood down the street. Much larking on Lark — for a long time we had the room upstairs to ourselves. The youthful…

Independence Day

Robert invited me down to see the place he was house-sitting for a VP at his college. Here he is poolside with Buzz, AKA Busby Berkeley, the dog who required the sitting. Buzz is a really friendly dog and very happy. He lives in a rather large house set among the trees some few miles…

London so far

BT Openinternet is CRAP! Warhol, Rothko, Terry Jones Q&A, Bacon, and more, cold! Thames… The usual and the unusual, but always a great time. Very relaxed and that’s the aim, right? Head full of art, ears full of music, face full of smiles. Home with the Brookses, so feet up and well-fed.