Oh, all right then

Okay, yes, I’m usually a contrarian, but I’m so pleased to see this country shake off the last eight years of horror that I’ll give in to the widespread expressions of hope and joy, and actually believe that things might get better (tomorrow I will, however, return to carping — and there is much to carp about, you starry-eyed kids).

4 thoughts on “Oh, all right then

  1. With glasses I usually answer that it’s impossible to tell because the glass is smashed into pieces on the bar room floor, but the metaphor won’t stretch that far here. So, mmmmmuhno (approximation of the shrugging sound of mumbling ‘idunno’).

  2. The Mall was half-trashed, half-walled off by overzealous Mall Cops. Having a sane person in who isn’t exclusively interested in his fellow extremely wealthy is an improvement, but not enough of one.

  3. No one is ever going to be perfect- but I am so freakin’ happy we finally have a proper president in office who isn’t looking to polarize people further. I want to see a leader who will sit in the middle and consider ALL options.

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