BitchBuzz: 21st C Women’s Studies

Check out my latest piece for BitchBuzz where I try to focus on the duties I’ll be taking on as coordinator of the Women’s and Gender Studies program at my college. It’s going to be a challenge to revitalise the program as we had an off-year last year for a variety of reasons. My thought is to shift focus to targeted topics and events that invite participation from a wide variety of folks: students, staff and faculty as well as the wider community. I also hope to forge closer relationships with like-minded groups on campus.

Suggestions welcome!

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  1. Todd Mason says:

    Good luck! I’m always interested in how this kind of factoid:United Nations figures also show that 70 percent of the world’s 1.2 billion people who are estimated to live in poverty are women and children. –is determined…so, presumably 30% of the impoverished are men…wouldn’t 30% of the impoverished in a gender-neutral world in that circumstance tend to be women, and then the 40% of the balance tend to be children, who are more likely to be more numerous in those impoverished areas where they don’t survive as readily as among the richer folks…this almost looks good on gender grounds, just obscene on the grounds that something like a fourth of all people are in poverty.But, then, the interconnectedness of oppression doesn’t mean that we ignore any component, particularly the major ones, of that oppression.

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