Phone Photos from NC

A GIANT dust mite at the Museum of Life and Science.

A gravestone in the cemetery at Ayr Mount

Flamingos at the NC Zoo

My little pal Chelsea, now 18, waiting for me to go to bed so she can lick my forehead and purr so loudly that I can’t get to sleep. She’s a little frail these days, but still rules the house.

Giant bee! Giant bee!
Just think of the honey this baby produces..

11 thoughts on “Phone Photos from NC

  1. Todd "The Mite" Mason — I think it works. I will now popularise it on the list.It was part of a big display on allergies and how they affect you (aimed at kids). Fun museum.

  2. Well, the thing about mites is that you can't See them.One way in which I don't actually resemble a mite…sadly, I'm hard to miss in most circumstances.

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