BitchBuzz: Social Media Disenchantment

My latest column for BitchBuzz, about the disenchantment toward social media by some people who had hoped it would make them rich. I’m particularly pleased that Cate used the picture from All About Eve, that I suggested. Love that film!

There’s a great passage in Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room where her character Val captures the rhapsodic joy of falling in love, then just as devastatingly describes the discovery of your beloved’s clay feet—and the sinking feeling that accompanies that discovery. It seems like a lot of people are experiencing that crushing loss of rhapsodic love for social media.

Or at least that’s what people keep forwarding to me. The other day a friend tweeted a forwarded link for Svetlana Gladkova’s post, “Blog Day Today: What Real Bloggers Never Tell the World Truth about”. Gladkova has something she wants to get off her chest: “And since I am not really a professional full-time blogger but still happen to know the industry after working in it for 3 years, I wanted to share with you some things that no real blogger will ever tell you the truth about.”

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  1. Todd Mason says:

    I do love the folks who are careering (in both senses) around the web…good luck with that. Not quite as obnoxious as doing so at a convention, I suppose, since the brown-nosing isn't blocking access for some more genuine or at least less self-promoting admirer of the target of fawning.Of course, my aim is troe. Yes, troe.

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