In Case You’re Wondering

This is what a tenure package looks like; this is actually Kim’s (who had loaned me hers as a model) because I only remembered that I was going to take a picture of it after I had turned it in. More or less like mine, though the tabbing is far neater. It contains the letter applying for tenure and promotion (the hardest part to produce), CV, all your year end reports, all your faculty data forms (another kind of end-of-year report), nine teaching observations, from other faculty members, and course evaluations from twelve different courses. The letter has to highlight what’s important in the hundreds of pages of data included in the binder, so the committee gets a picture of who you are as a teacher, scholar and colleague (assuming they don’t already know). I’m fortunate that at least a couple members of the committee know me personally and are acquainted with what I do. The problem of being a medievalist — what you do seems odd and often obscure to others.

9 thoughts on “In Case You’re Wondering

  1. LOL — there's a whole committee who has to read that kind of package for everyone who's going up for tenure or promotion that year. Which is why the process takes so long, I suppose.

  2. LOL — it's a bit crazy, isn't it? But I do enjoy the change and elasticity of the academic world. I wore my Doc Martens to my job interview — not heels and hose. My schedule changes every semester and fits my preferences timewise. Of course I'd rather be a self-supporting writer, but that's a ways off yet, I fear.

  3. Apparently our committee takes it seriously. Hope it's all right!Chuckling as I notice all the things in the back ground which do not fit the seriousness of the tenure package: the tea bag (Twining's Earl Grey!), the Badtz-Maru wrist rest, the Thompson for Sheriff sign that I wore as part of my Halloween costume last year (for a political themed party, so I was HST running for sheriff of Aspen).

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