In Case You’re Wondering

This is what a tenure package looks like; this is actually Kim’s (who had loaned me hers as a model) because I only remembered that I was going to take a picture of it after I had turned it in. More or less like mine, though the tabbing is far neater. It contains the letter…


From Ginger Geezer: the Life of Vivian Stanshall: “If someone offered me an exhibition, I’ve got just about enough paintings, but like everything else I wouldn’t be pleased with it. There are a few things that live on, but really I’d like an exhibition of what I’m going to do tomorrow.”

Not My Job

As I sit here regretting that I ever volunteered myself to take a group of students to London next month and dealing with all the endless details that go with it, I realise it’s part of an overall sense of exhaustion that’s making me pull back from things I really don’t need to be doing….