BitchBuzz: Exporting Halloween

The last of my Halloween-themed columns (probably!) deals with the fun of Halloween and veers off into Heyer-ville for no apparent reason. As I am re-thinking my costuming needs for the weekend, I feel absolutely devoid of imagination, so who knows what will happen. Heading off to the Poe conference tonight — maybe I’ll finally get a schedule of events. Back to UMass a couple more times and then down to Connecticut for Halloween itself. Let’s hope I’ll have made up my mind about my costume by then.

A disgruntled Guardian reader (is there really any other kind?) derided Halloween as a “ghastly American import” and moaned about the need to herd children around on their forays for candy. Considering the dire nature of most American imports (McDonald’s, baseball caps, L. Ron Hubbard), I think Halloween is a reason to celebrate.

Think of it: Pumpkins! Free candy! An excuse for parties! Dressing up!

Read the rest — and a slew of interesting articles — over at BitchBuzz HQ.


  1. Have people lost their sense of fun and make-believe?Honestly, I have no idea why people complain about Halloween…why don't they just have fun with it?So Kate, JZ say we might see you in NL that night? What will be your mode of dress?

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    People are not fun on the whole…You will see me in NL with a sub-standard costume (hides face in shame).

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