BitchBuzz: Keeping Your Resolutions with Film

My latest column for BitchBuzz addressed that unsurprising problem that crops up mid-January after making those excellent resolutions:

For the first week of January you are virtuous and strong. You go to the gym every day. You wave off those who offer to share a ciggie. You even say no to that very tempting chocolate cake your co-worker slides under your nose.

But then there’s week two.

Week two is when the little voices start, the ones that say things like, “You’ve been good every day; why not skip just this once?” or “You’ve denied yourself everything; a little taste can’t hurt.” These are the voices that take you from a momentary hesitation to the sort of decision-making that leads to green-lighting ideas like New Coke or Heaven’s Gate…

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I just saw Miss Pettigrew for the first time over the break (I say as if it’s over, sob — a few more days, although they’re all work). I think it was Miss Wendy who recommended it, or at least said she enjoyed it when I mentioned maybe getting it from the library. I really enjoyed it — it was exactly the kind of trifle I was hungry for. Amy Adams is just adorable, Ciarán Hinds is wonderful, and I love Frances McDormand, though I really would have loved to see any number of British actresses in the role (Brenda Blethyn anyone?!). There’s almost always a kind of tightness when an American actor (even a good one, like McDormand) takes up a fake accent [exception: the best living thespian, Meryl Streep] that restricts the performance, though in this case not enough to dampen the delight of the story.

Better yet, it inspired me to get Winifred Watson’s original novel, which was a HOOT! I recommend it highly. It even inspired me to write a story in the same era. If it comes to anything, you’ll be sure to hear about it here.

So, have you made resolutions? How are they going so far?


  1. The Queen says:

    I make my resolutions as needed – at at any point of the year! So far, so good….

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Anything you care to share? I tend to do the same, but January is always a good time to renew the commitment to change.

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