Good Reads and Bad Food

I finally joined up with Goodreads. In addition to Library Thing, it’s one more place to help spread the word about my books and connect to readers and other writers. Do let me know if you have an account on either site.

Last Monday I had lunch with Robert at the West Taghkanic Diner. He had passed it many times while it was closed, so he had never been there, but was curious to try.

It was not the most propitious day, perhaps, to visit: they were really scrambling to keep up with the holiday crowd. There seemed to be only the one server and she was running back and forth constantly. So it was a long while before one of the busboys — clearly unaccustomed to serving — finally brought our drinks (ice tea and coffee).

“The home of home cooking”: I had a spicy mesquite chicken club which lacked anything resembling spicyness (or moisture for that matter). Robert had fish and chips that at first glance looked like eels, but were some kind of fish and seemed all right. The beer battered onion rings were good, though a dipping sauce would have been nice.

They had the usual sort of advertisements for fascinating local businesses. And we saw Colin Farrell. Well, I think it was Colin Farrell. He appeared to have gained a lot of weight for a Scorsese movie, I think. Or perhaps it was not he…


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    the photo's as lovely as the food was. thanks, ever so much. r

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