My Fabulous Friends

In the middle of a manic Monday (as usual) — no, the conference paper isn’t done; no, the book proposal isn’t ready; no, I haven’t done whatever it is I promised you that I would do for sure by today — so in lieu of the film review I had hoped to write, I’ll tell you a few things you ought to go see, like:

BitchBuzz’s 20 Brilliant Fictional Women

The Queen of Everything’s latest reviews

Miss Wendy’s birdwatching

Elena’s comics

CMKempe interviewing and being interviewed

Adele’s trip to World Horror

The latest chapter of The Mangrove Legacy

And the source of the above photo

Just look at all those links under “Friends”! I know lots of exciting people doing interesting things. Go see what they’re up to — and feel free to post what you’re up to as well. I give you license to share the wealth — tell us all what fascinating things you’re doing!


  1. Hagelrat says:

    thanks for the plug! That's an incredible hat.

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    She maybe a habitual abuser, but she's got a great hat! Glad to hear you had so much fun in Brighton.

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