Into the West

There will be a wrap up of my trip to PCA and the visit to my folks in New Mexico soon. In the meantime, enjoy the quiet.


  1. Todd Mason says:

    Is that what we've been experiencing? How 'bout you?Ripping off Avram Davidson, "Didja hear about PFC Laity? Took a Jerry bullet at Wipers. Went west."

  2. Anonymous says:

    and listen to the warm.-r

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    You're been listening to Le Show again, haven't you, Robert?Todd, surely you have enjoyed a quiet and relaxing weekend with no overtime? I am watching the quail and the roadrunners and walking through the desert and being overfed by my folks. I knew you'd appreciate the multiplicity of readings for "into the west" — hee!

  4. Todd Mason says:

    No, no, we all listen raptly to our Rod McKuen recordings unironically! What are you suggesting? (That she gave me a McKuen book wasn't the reason I foolishly broke it off pre-emptively with a wonderful woman, but it didn't help. And I've never been sure I shouldn't've been more courageous, all told…)Neither quiet, nor relaxing, nor free of koroshi, no, but I have been overfeeding myself, at least. I'll swig my Acme tea and get those roadrunners yet…if only the fox trickster can stand in for the coyote trickster (the dogs!). My luck with quail even less reliable, but that's clearly my fault.Glad you're having a better than thanatop(sic) time…we can listen to the Warm!

  5. Todd Mason says:

    Speaking of at least two meanings of Went West, Wilma Mankiller's death has just been reported by NPR, at the age of 64.

  6. K. A. Laity says:

    Argh — I had not heard that until you posted it. Pity — I hope there are some more women ready to follow in her footsteps. Now if only the invaders can find the same respect for women…

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