Humor: Panopticon? Yes, please!

Yes, when I get obsessed, I get well and truly obsessed. So here’s my humor piece for Polite Company magazine on — wait for it! — the panopticon:

Panopticon? Yes, please!

Messieurs and Mesdames,

Inasmuch as your efforts toward gentling the population have not gone unnoticed, I wish to be more forward in encouraging your movements. Yes, we have all adjusted to the latest round of indignities required to meet the threats anxiously imagined in corporate-funded think tanks surrounding Washington. We are prepared to travel in the buff and drink no liquids for the duration of the flight, even if that means standing (eh, Ryanair?).

We’ve grown accustomed to software that tracks our every click, bosses who control whether we can be Facebook friends or not, and warnings attached to every email that warn it could be scanned for copyrighted content, do not reproduce. We even luxuriate under the motherly eye of CCTV, be we cat molesters or not, safe in knowing that we’re not out of sight.

But it’s not enough…

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If I can get things together, I’m going to try to do a Friday Forgotten Book. I’m actually trying to make my schedule more regular as people seem to like consistency. It’s not really part of my nature, but I can be accommodating.