It Begins

FORGOT! Happy 20th Anniversary, Boojums and happy birthday, Mr. Poe!

The semester, that is. Actually it began yesterday, but I teach Mondays and Wednesdays so I all I had to do was, well — get ready to teach today. And deal with all the administrative things I had ignored over the break.


I’m teaching the freshman medieval course, Writing for New Media and Masculinities & Medieval Film (probably for the last time for a while). I always know when it’s starting, yet every time the term creeps upon me without me feeling prepared. So, no time to be witty today (assuming that is possible on other days) and before you even ask, Bertie — no, I will not make my students stand on their desks.

If you need something to do, please consider voting for my novelette “High Plains Lazarus” in the Predators & Editors Best of 2010 poll over at Critters.