Text as Art Tonight

The opening of the Text as Art gallery show with my piece “The Square Root of I is I” will be tonight at the Arts Center at 7pm. I will likely read from “Wixey,” the story that initially inspired the project (unless I change my mind).

Add to the long list of things I will not be doing: spending next year in Galway, seeing Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic show at the London Word Festival, seeing Derek Jacobi in King Lear. Sob! On the other hand, I leave for Rome on Wednesday, so that will cheer me. But I am bitterly disappointed about Ireland. It was a terrific position and a really interesting group of scholars. Plus I badly need a break, but there’s another year before I can even apply for a sabbatical. If you see any interesting fellowships that would spring me for a few weeks or a semester, be sure to pass them along.

Worse, the envelope was put in the wrong mailbox. I noticed the logo in the corner and took a peek: after all, it was entirely possible someone else was also applying for a Fulbright. But no, it was for me and as soon as I saw that it was, I knew the envelope meant bad news. Ah, well. A blow, but it could be worse, eh? At least I’ve still got my head. So, start humming along, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again.”