BitchBuzz: The Minuses of Google+

My column this week takes on the latest major player in the social media sweepstakes. If I get ‘disappeared’ you’ll know where to find me (buried in some AltaVista search results with Ask Jeeves).

By K. A. Laity
The world’s biggest search engine attempts to be social…
It’s the greatest things since sliced beets, a Facebook killah, or um, a big new sandbox whose potential remains untapped. It’s certainly growing fast. In a hyperbolic headline, Business Insider breathlessly shouted, “Google Plus Is DESTROYING Facebook’s Dreams, And Facebook Isn’t Playing Fair.” Because of Google+’s  speedy acquisition of nearly 20 million users, Facebook apparently has been “alienating users, rather than being a gentleman.” Surely unheard of in business interactions! The ungentlemanly actions taken include not allowing G+ to automate exporting all your friends lists from Facebook. Writer David Seaman was so taken with Google+ that he has burned his bridges…

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I’m aiming for another yard sale on Saturday. At present it’s supposed to be not as hot and no rain. Fingers crossed. Come take stuff I need to get rid of!