Hello from Shannon

Free wifi in the airport and an hour’s wait for my bus. A fairly short flight so not quite enough sleep and a tickle in my nose that means someone’s germs are trying to fight their way in (STAY OUT!). Dawn is breaking. I already had to have my picture taken >_<; because I’ll be staying here for a c0nsiderable length of time. Hope I never have to see that picture! Pink eyes and rooster tails in my hair. Maybe I can sleep on the bus. My landlord should be meeting me at the bus station in Galway. I’m seeing tea and a long hot bath in my future 🙂

Hee! Guy sitting across from me reading to his kid tells him the “What’s brown and sticky?” joke — one of my favourites 🙂

UPDATE: it may be a few days before I get internet at home. I should have wifi access tomorrow on campus (using the postgrad lab today). In the mean time, you can text me on my UK phone although I think I’ll be getting an Irish phone (probably an iPhone :-).