Hastily as I have no time (literally, my 20 min voucher ticks away) things to date: no phone, no internet because I didn’t have a bank account until today and couldn’t deposit my check before tomorrow, so no money in account and no bank statement. Argh — no internet on campus because the request for my ID didn’t go through until today and it takes 24 hrs for the account to be set up. Won’t be able to use it because tomorrow at dawn I’m off to Dublin for orientation which has us traipsing around New Grange and then going to a formal lunch (how to dress for that day?). I find the Ambassador’s do now says “no refreshments” which makes me want to give him the high hat (what’s the point of Ambassadors if they don’t give you cake at least?!). So no phone, no internet possible before next week.

Oh and the whole check being delivered to the wrong address because I am Eyre Square Centre and not Eyre Square which is the opposite side of the square and thank goodness for honest folk not tempted by an enormous check >_<

Decisions: do I pay for the phone outright because the good contracts require a 24 mo commitment? If so, is it worth springing for the iPhone? Maybe not. Argh! Decisions!

On the other hand I had lunch with a fantastic colleague, resident medievalist Frances McCormack who was a delight and a kindred soul for sure, so things are bound to improve. And I have finally had a pint, so you can relax all those who were excoriating me 😉