Know-vember: Debi

The lovely Debi, gardener supreme, patient woman, Albacon wrangler — romance fan! Here she is brunching with me at Café Madison. I miss meals together! Come to Ireland, all right?

What’s the first thing you do upon waking in the morning?

When I wake up first thing, I might pick up the book at my bedside to read. or if something more interesting is in my bed I might enjoy that too, or I might stroll into the shower and pretend I’m in a outdoor shower in the tropics.

Where in the world do you live?

I live in a very nice house, big enough to be a castle.

What’s a great night out for you?

A great night out would be dinner, company of good friends mixed company.

What book do you wish everyone would read so you could talk about it?

Stephanie Laurens, Devil’s Bride.

What makes you cry?

Sadness, hunger, poverty, injustice, it also makes me angry.

What makes you laugh?

A good funny story.

Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden?

I do believe there are faieries in the garden, also elves and pixies and if you aren’t careful you might catch a 4 legged creature, or it might catch you. and don’t forget the so called 2 legged. Next time you’re in the garden, look very carefully, behind the tree the shadows that linger, under the burning bushes there are extra little mushrooms growing. by the rosebush there are extra little foot marks.

Thanks, Debi! Miss you.