Tuesday’s Overlooked A/V: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

This blog takes its name from my first film, Un Amor Peligroso or The Wombat’s World. I joked about my anticipating the success of The Artist by making a silent film back in 1978, but then there was also Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie about then, so I can’t take much credit. There may be something in the air at present that provokes a longing for wordless — or at least speechless — entertainment. Maybe it’s the 24/7 shouty news cycle. Maybe it’s social media and the endless blaring of words, words, words (and pictures, pictures, LOLcat pictures). Perhaps it’s simply the awfulness of movie dialogue created by a “creative” process that really means each producer who passes through has to change something just to be able to point to it and say, “That’s mine.” A process that has contempt for its audience, so it spells out every action with words and makes good actors speak horrible lines.

So here’s the Academy Award winning animated short, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. It’s got plenty of words, but they’re mostly flying away. It nods to Buster Keaton in its main character and to The Wizard of Oz and takes place (at least initially) in lovely New Orleans. It will make any book lover cry and sigh. And it’s only 15 minutes long. You’ve got time for that in your busy schedule. Take a break and be delighted.

And in a bizarre and completely unrelated space in Glasgow, a most unusual performance takes place. Dare you attend An Appointment with the Wicker Man?

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