Publication: Drunk on the Moon eBook

Start spreading the news, as Francis would say. Drunk on the Moon is now available as an ebook — print version will be available next week. Read it, review it, rate it! Releasing a book these days is like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean. Let’s hope the tide catches ours. A fabulous collection:

‘Roman Dalton, your common or garden werewolf Private Eye, first howled for the people behind Dark Valentine Press over two years ago, and now he’s prowled back into their lair!’

The Drunk On the Moon stories:

Drunk On The Moon/ Before The Moon Falls – Paul D Brazill (UK/Poland)

The Darke Affair -Allan Leverone (USA)

It’s A Curse -K A Laity (USA/Ireland)

Insatiable – B R Stateham (USA)

Fear The Night- Julia Madeleine (Canada)

Getting High On Daisy -Richard Godwin (UK)

Silver Tears – John Donald Carlucci (USA)

Blood & Alcohol – Frank Duffy (UK/Poland)

Back To Nature – Jason Michel (UK/France)

A Fire in the Blood -Katherine Tomlinson (USA)





More next week when I’m not reliant on the mobile blogger interface.