Six Sentence Sunday: Biscuits


A little treat for this round of Six Sentence Sunday, the weekly banquet of words to help you sample new writers or savour old favourites. Here’s the beginning of my postcard-sized story “Biscuits” which you can read in its entirety over at Postcard Fiction.

“You should have been nicer to me,” Carlotta said as she stood over me with the tire iron.
“I see that now.” I tried to get up, but my leg kept making that crunching sound. “It’s not too late. I could mend my ways.”
A feeble attempt; one she wasn’t buying.

“I’m taking the cash…”

You can also read it over at Short Humour, which has another little bon mot from moi especially for British people in hot weather and anyone with an interest in geography. Enjoy! And be sure to check out the other Sunday Six folks.