Writer Wednesday: News


The pressing news is that ACTION: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol. 1 can be obtained for FREE today and tomorrow. This slamming collection offers jam-packed thrills from me, Mr B, editor Matt Hilton, Absolutely Kate, Col Bury, Richard Godwin, Graham Smith, David Barber and many many more. Highly recommended! Not just because I’m in it (though I’m quite fond of “Chickens” which gave me a chance to revisit Los Angeles) but because it’s a lot old school non-stop action. As Crimesquad said in its review:

“This book should not be purchased by asthmatics or heavy smokers as it leaves a fit person breathless with excitement.”

I had a wonderful trip with the lovely Maura and we both managed to write a lot between enjoying ourselves immensely. A proper write up tomorrow but I have oodles to catch up on with emails and whatnot, so you can get a sneak peak at some of the photos here, beginning with a lovely one out the window of Maura’s folks’ house.

It’s always nice to return home to another new publication. My short “Just Waiting” (yes, it is named after a Fall song >_<) appears over at Near to the Knuckle. Drop by and give it a read, comment and feel free to share — let me know what you think.

Over at A Knife & A Quill I am Staff Member of the Month 🙂 Luca gave me a great write up. I have some new reviews going up this week. Unlike some big name reviewers, we don’t sneer at writers because of assumptions about genres (and don’t get me started on the superannuated NYTimes and their growing idiocy).

Busy busy. Maura and I managed to get a good amount of writing done after attending 2D, so it wasn’t all idling on the beach. More to report soon — get a sneak peak over at the new publisher Fox Spirit!