OTR2: At the Movies – “Bride with White Hair”

Off the Record 2
Edited by Luca Veste and Paul D. Brazill

As you may have already seen, Off the Record 2: At the Movies has been released. While a lot of people will be paying attention to some novel about small town parish councils, all the cool kids will be celebrating OTR2. And rightly so — it’s an amazing compendium of talent and it’s for a good cause: literacy.

The 47 crime ronin within include some of the biggest names in the field who are not so big that they aren’t willing to appear alongside some of us unsung, fighting-to-be-discovered folks (see this terrific interview with Luca about the process of putting the anthology together for more on that).

The blurb:

47 short stories, based on classic film titles…

Following the Spinetingler award nominated ‘Off The Record’, the charity anthology featuring stories based on classic song titles, comes the highly anticipated sequel. 

This time, inspiration arrives in the form of classic film titles. With an introduction penned by Chris Ewan and featuring some of biggest and brightest names writing today including…

Will Carver, Steve Mosby, Helen FitzGerald, Adrian McKinty, Matt Hilton, Stav Sherez, Claire McGowan, Sean Cregan, David Jackson, Mel Sherratt, Nick Quantrill, Maxim Jakubowski, and many, many more…

47 writers from around the world. All coming together to raise money for two children’s literacy charities…

The original Off the Record anthology was one of my first crime reviews; since then I have got to know — and actually meet — some of the folks I read for the first time in its pages. Ain’t life grand? Like Waldo said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

My story was in part inspired by musings at Harrogate and one of my favourite films: The Bride with White Hair. It has a part 1 and 2, at least in its American release. Ronny Yu’s film has that great operatic exuberance that the best wu xia films have, as well as Brigitte Lin, the most beautiful woman in the world, and the tragic Leslie Cheung (sob!).

Buy it and enjoy!

Don’t forget:

The contest to get a copy of Chastity Flame! Enter to win.

My comic play Con-Eire is free to download the rest of this week on all Amazons (click the picture). Still no reviews or ratings, alas. 😦 Unfortunately the same can’t be said of my 1991 novel Not Waving, also free on Amazon. It has two one star reviews: fair enough if you thought the book was crap, but they were people who had trouble downloading the book. Amazon confirmed that the book is fine but won’t remove the comments that more rightly belong in customer service. So I’ll probably just end up deleting the book and go back to giving it away on Scribd or Smashwords. It’s discouraging.

I begin to see why people would pay for reviews. I’m tempted. 😦


  1. PaulDBrazill says:

    Now that’s an understated little film clip!

    Yep, Amazon reviews can be pretty crap!

  2. katelaity says:

    I love these movies. If I could find them I would watch them right now, but I can’t even figure out the space age cooker here and I’m not going to ask my brother because he’ll laugh at me. You know, if I got one star reviews that said the book suck, I’d say ‘fair enough’ and ride it out. But they don’t. So I’m going to just sit in the dark and listen to Nico.

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