My Gypsy Ways: Hudson

I have a new publication (yes, another — don’t look at me like that!) “Guide Me Soft” — a piece of flash fiction over at Shotgun Honey, a terrific site and I’m really pleased to be featured there. Some nice comments have really made my day. Most writing goes off into a vacuum. Sometimes you wonder if anybody anywhere reads anything you ever wrote (she says, weeping at her lack of ratings & reviews for the new titles), so it’s especially nice to be part of a site with regular and opinionated readers. And yes, it’s inspired by a Fall song (what? you’re not surprised).

I figured I should give a little peek into the itinerant life I’m leading and I have so many pictures already, I figured I would break it down. So first up some pictures from Hudson, which serves as my mailing address, thanks to the kindness of my brother who also cooks lots of really good meals (and we know how important that is!). He has a cute dog, too. On the side of Blue Hill, with the Berkshires to the east and if you climb up the hill, the Catskills to the west. Lovely countryside: there’s a pair of hawks who hunt on the hill, too, up by the peach orchard.

And if you can’t get enough of me, there’s interviews with me over at Mr. B’s and over at Luca’s site in support of the charity anthology Off the Record 2: At the Movies. I can’t emphasise enough that it’s a really good cause (literacy) and an amazing collection of writers — well worth your money! Click the picture to buy.


    1. katelaity says:

      Indeed — and very sweet, too.

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