New Big Thing: The Krampus

krampus cover
A poor quality picture of the real thing

I did a quick version of the Krampus book to get it up in time for Krampus eve tonight. This is just a stopgap measure. I’ll make a better one when I can get a scan of the chapbook in high quality res (hint, hint anyone who’s got a copy and a scanner…). I had this low res version of the cover that I think is just a camera photo. I had some high res PDFs, but only of the first draft of the poem which was missing Joey’s artwork and well, that’s no good! But wow, is iBooks Author easy to use. I’m thinking of doing a photo book of my Ireland shots (thanks, Allan, for the suggestion) as well as a couple other image-based projects. Because you know how much I need more ideas. I joked this morning that I’d have to find Ray Milland because I have too many ideas for just one head.

I am pleased with how well known the Krampus seems to be these days (or is it just the people around me?). My pal Mildred even sent a story about Krampus celebrations going on at U Indiana.

Of course, you can hear me read it, too!

Oh, also I was also tagged by Richie Narvaez, my twitter pal, for The Next Big Thing, so check out his post. And be good so the Krampus doesn’t get you tonight! And if you’re really good, this might be in your stocking: the print edition!