Last Minute Gift Ideas

Jan Kozlowski: terrific writer & skilled crafter!
Jan Kozlowski: terrific writer & skilled crafter!

I’m going to assume if you’re reading this blog you’ve probably already sampled my writing, though if you’re of a mind to try something new, far be it from to dissuade you to follow Cthulhu’s recommendation and get yourself a copy of Weird Noir! Paperback or ebook available — and you know, all those other titles of mine…


But here are a few other books you can buy (yes, I know there are other things than books in the world, but seriously books are what everyone really wants) that also make you feel good because they help out. Yes, charity anthologies! None of them are expensive (in fact a few are at reduced rates) and all of them benefit people who need help.

Buy a book for yourself, give a gift to someone else (even if you don’t read ebooks yourself, you can give them to those who do), and feel like you’ve done a little bit to help those who could use a little boost. Click on the pictures below to see more about these anthologies. I’m suggesting books that I’ve already put my money where my mouth is, too. Quality.