SA4QE 2013

My yellow paper

It is Russell Hoban‘s birthday again, even if he’s not in this world to share it. We celebrate on his behalf by sharing his words in a project known as the Slickman A4 Quotation Event, in which fans of the writer copy out quotations on yellow A4 paper (or whatever is to hand) and leaving them somewhere to be found (a nod to his novel Kleinzeit).

I took a quote from Soonchild, his posthumous book of shamanism and the world song. I’ve recommended it to friends who are all discussing it now, so I am pleased to be sharing the book in other ways. It’s always hard to choose a quote. I chose a moment of daring, despair and hope. I put it in Albertus Hall where I teach.

I tried to write more neatly than last year, too. 🙂